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Britax Car Seats

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Infant Car Seats

Weight: 4 to 35 lbs (1.8 to 15.9 kgs)
Standing Height: 18 to 32 in (45.7 to 81.2 cm)

BRITAX infant car seats can be used rear facing only from 4 to 35 pounds (1.8 to 15.9 kilograms), and are compatible with all BRITAX strollers with the CLICK & GO system.

Infant/Child Seats

Weight: 5 to 65 lbs (2.3 to 29.4 kgs)
Standing Height: 18 to 49 in (45.7 to 124.5 cm)

BRITAX infant/child seats can be used rear facing from 5 to 40 pounds (2.3 to 18.1 kilograms) and forward facing from 22 pounds and walks unassisted, up to 65 pounds (10 kilograms and walks unassisted, up to 29.4 kilograms), depending on the seat. High-capacity convertibles allow your child to stay in a five-point harness through the toddler years.

Combination Harness-2-Booster™

Weight: 25 to 65 lbs (11.3 to 29.4 kgs)
Standing Height: 30 to 62 in (76.2 to 157.5 cm)

BRITAX combination Harness-2-Booster seats can accommodate children forward facing only from at least 2 years and 25 pounds, up to 65 pounds (2 years and 11.3 kilograms, up to 29.4 kilograms). The seat can then convert to a belt-positioning booster and accommodate a child over 100 pounds (45.3 kilograms).

Belt-Positioning Booster

Weight: 40 to 120 lbs (18 to 54.4 kgs)
Standing Height: 38 to 63 in (96.5 to 160 cm)

BRITAX belt-positioning booster seats raise the child so that the vehicle’s lap and shoulder belts fit correctly on your child’s hips and shoulder. Belt-positioning booster seats must be used with a vehicle lap and shoulder belt system, NOT a lap-belt only system.