Safety Notices

BRITAX Inflatable Seat Belt Policy


Can I use an inflatable seat belt to install my BRITAX car seat?

Not all models of BRITAX car seats are approved for use with inflatable seat belts.

At this time, ONLY the Ford Motor Company (Ford and Lincoln vehicles) Inflatable seat belt system is approved for use with the following BRITAX models:

•  B-SAFE (please note: this is the retired model with 30 lb. capacity);

•  Britax G Series Convertibles (Roundabout, Marathon, Boulevard, Advocate; please note: these are all retired seats – not the CLICKTIGHT models);

•  Pioneer 70, Pioneer;

•  Frontier, Frontier 85, Frontier 90, Frontier CLICKTIGHT;

•  Pinnacle 90, Pinnacle CLICKTIGHT; and

•  Parkway SG and Parkway SGL.

The following BRITAX models are not approved for use with the Ford inflatable seat belt system or any other inflatable seat belt system:

•  Any model not expressly listed above (including models manufactured after 2019 and all convertible car seat models with CLICKTIGHT).

For more information on Inflatable seat belts, please click here.