Safety Notices


Q. Can I use things like seat protectors or mirrors with my BRITAX seat?

A. No; do not use non-regulated products with or on BRITAX products. The following is a statement included in each BRITAX user guide: "The use of non-Britax Child Safety, Inc. covers, inserts, toys, accessories, or tightening devices is not approved by Britax. Their use could cause this child seat to fail federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards or not perform as intended in a crash."

BRITAX does offer a line of accessories designed for use with BRITAX products available for purchase in our online store:

Q. Does BRITAX sell products direct?

A. BRITAX currently sells many accessories and replacement parts, along with a limited selection of car seats and strollers, directly to consumers in our online store. Click on the Buy Parts & Accessories link to see what is available for purchase.

Q. How can BRITAX claim that they have world-class head excursion performance when other car seat manufacturers do not publish their results?

A. BRITAX has access to sled facilities all around the world and has tested the Next Generation convertibles (infant/child seats) against all global standards. Additionally, BRITAX has tested competitive seats and have been unable to duplicate the head safety performance results of the BRITAX Next Generation convertibles (infant/child seats). Although these results are not public record, BRITAX can defend them if challenged.

Q. How can I update my product registration information?

A. To update your product registration information, call the BRITAX Consumer Services Department at 888-427-4829. Please have the model number and serial number for your product available.

Q. I registered my car seat; does this activate my warranty?

A. Manufacturers use this information to contact owners about safety issues, including recalls, and are not allowed to use owner data for other purposes. Registration is not activation of warranty coverage.

Q. What is NCAP testing and why do many of our competitors claim they pass NCAP testing? Does BRITAX NCAP test?

A. NCAP (New Car Assessment Program) is a requirement for automobile manufacturers to test car seats in their vehicles. Although other car seat manufacturers claim that they conduct NCAP testing, they do not disclose which vehicles they have tested within. All vehicles have different crash force “pulse” rates that the child experiences during a crash. Therefore, any car seat manufacturer can duplicate a pulse rate for a vehicle that has low crash forces and claim that they NCAP test. BRITAX performs tests that represent the forces experienced by NCAP tests across a range of aggressive pulse rates.