Safety Notices


Q. Are there any special instructions to putting the car seats in the CAR SEAT TRAVEL BAG?

A. Most all car seats fit into the travel bag as is. The BRITAX FRONTIER, FRONTIER 85, and FRONTIER 85 SICT do require the recline block to be in the forward position when putting it into the travel bag.

Q. Can the carry straps on the CAR SEAT TRAVEL BAG be removed so they do not hang up on the airline carousel?

A. No. There is a large pouch on the back of the travel bag to store the shoulder straps. To store them, unclip the shoulder straps at the bottom and slide them into the pouch at the top. The pouch can then be sealed using the hook & loop fasteners. The clips at the bottom can also be slipped into the slits at the bottom of the pouch to ensure their security as well.

Q. Can you wash the CAR SEAT TRAVEL BAG?

A. Yes, the fabric can be spot cleaned with water and mild soap.

Q. What car seats fit in the CAR SEAT TRAVEL BAG?

A. The CAR SEAT TRAVEL BAG is compatible with all BRITAX car seats and most other brands.