Safety Notices

For product-related questions and warranty coverage, as well as technical questions about installation and more, please contact Britax Consumer Services at 888-427-4829.

Blogger Inquiries

If you’re a blogger who is interested in receiving future news from us, please visit the Britax blogger survey page so we can learn more about you.
(Note: Please submit all requests via the link above. Only requests submitted through this form will be considered.)

Media Inquiries

If you are a reporter or editor (non-blogger) with general brand/product or recall-related questions, please contact:

Amanda Greenfield

Celebrity Seeding Requests or Film/TV Prop Placement Requests:

For all celebrity seeding and film/tv placement requests, please contact:

Kate Clark

Unsolicited Product Ideas

Britax Child Safety, Inc. does not accept unsolicited ideas from external parties. We appreciate the time and effort involved in creating an idea and we apologize for any disappointment this has caused. We wish you continued success in your future endeavors. Please be assured that any submissions you may have shared have not been and will not be reviewed by anyone involved in product development, and no copies or reproductions will be made.

Britax and BOB Consumer and Trade Events

If you are interested in working with Britax® or BOB® for a consumer or trade event, please contact:

Kate Clark