Safety Notices

Infant/Child Seat Statement

January 3, 2012: BRITAX has received reports from consumers concerning missing screw(s)/nut(s) at the base joint connector(s) of their infant/child seat. BRITAX has determined that a limited number of infant/child seats were manufactured with screws/nuts that were improperly inserted.  As a result one or both of these screws/nuts may be detached from the base joint connector.  The potentially affected infant/child seats (see list below) were manufactured from the start of production in early July 2010 through August 2011.

BRITAX assures you that if your infant/child seat is missing a screw/nut in the base joint connector, you can continue to safely use your BRITAX infant/child seat until the screw/nut is replaced. The missing screw(s)/nut(s) does not affect the safety performance of the infant/child seat because the infant/child seat is attached to the vehicle via the reinforced steel bars on the seat shell and not the infant/child seat base. However BRITAX highly recommends that you replace any missing screws/nuts in order to ensure that your infant/child seat fully functions as originally designed. Until you receive replacement screws/nuts, BRITAX recommends that you ensure that your infant/child seat is properly installed using the vehicle seat belt or LUAS connectors as outlined in the user guide.

This photo demonstrates the location of the potentially missing screw(s)/nut(s) which are inserted into
both sides of the infant/child seat base joint connectors.

Inspect and confirm that both screws/nuts are present before un-installing the seat to replace any
missing screw(s)/nut(s).





If you experience a missing screw(s)/nut(s) in the BRITAX infant/child seats identified below, please contact the BRITAX Consumer Services Department at 888-427-4829.  BRITAX will provide a kit which contains replacement screws/nuts and simple tools to install the missing screw(s)/nut(s). 


Consumer Service Department Hours:
  • Monday – Thursday 8:30 am – 4:45 pm (EST)
  • Friday 8:30 am – 3:45 pm (EST)