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ISOFLEX Flexible Lower Connection System
secures the booster seat to the vehicle, preventing it from becoming a projectile when not in use, and stabilizes it during a crash. The PARKWAY SGL can be secured in seconds from either side of the booster seat with two clicks and a pull.
works with the vehicle safety belt to prevent the child from sliding under the lap-belt portion of the safety belt (submarining) during impact, thus minimizing the risk of abdominal injury
True Side Impact Protection
distributes crash forces, shields from vehicle intrusion, contains the head and body, and keeps the head, neck and spine "in true" or aligned, to limit injury
  • 120 lb (54.4 kg) Weight Capacity for safety and comfort as your child grows
  • Quick-Adjust Head Restraint easily adjusts the head restraint for a more comfortable fit and enhanced safety
  • Retractable Cup Holders are designed to hold children's cups and snacks
  • Armrests help provide a secure fit and a comfortable place to rest tired arms
  • Color-Coded Vehicle Belt Guides indicate the path and positioning of the vehicle lap and shoulder seat belt
  • Durable and Washable Cover in mature fashions for the growing child
  • Removable Back allows the booster seat to easily convert to a backless booster while maintaining safety of SecureGuard
  • MSRP (CAD) $169.99
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